Every senior client that I photograph completes a questionnaire before the photo session, and on that questionnaire is a question that asks “is there anything you are nervous about for your senior photo session?” I’d say the number one answer to that question is, “I don’t know how to pose for photos.” So if you’ve asked this question, you are not alone.


Specifically, I’d say, most people tend to not know what to do with their hands in a photo. In this blog, I’m going to give you 3 tips on what to do with your hands and other ways to help you feel more comfortable posing.


First, give your hands a job to do. That could be playing with your earring, hair, or twisting a ring on the other hand. Just something to keep them busy. Second, if you have pockets, hook your thumbs in your pockets – don’t put your entire hands in, I still want to see your hands! And third, have your hands hold onto a piece of your clothing – pop that collar, grab your skirt and swish it back and forth!


For other posing tips, or how to feel less awkward – think about things you do naturally. One is movement – as humans, we’re always moving! Take a step forward and then one backward – do that several times. Walk away from the camera and turn back towards it.


Ultimately, it’s your photographer’s job to give you these prompts, tell you how to pose and help you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera – it’s not your job to learn posing tricks and tips. During my senior photo sessions, I not only tell my clients what to do, I show them what to do. By the end of the photo session – they are absolute pros!


Want to learn more? Check out my instagram and you can see how I show my clients how to pose!



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