Chicago family
& senior photographer

shalimar b


those cheesy yearbook photos aren't gonna cut it this year.

your’re only a chicago high school senior once.

This is the major milestone you’ve been working towards. This right here, right now. Woohoo! Yeet! Yay YOU!!!

You know this is a big freaking deal, right?! And documenting big freaking deals should be more than taking some random cell phone snaps. Nope.  You’ve earned hype. We’re talking hair, makeup, styling, direction, your favorite music, doing the things you love around the city that will forever be    “back home”.

Because let’s be real: we both know these photos are going to live on for years – we’re talking on walls and online. You’ll want to remember yourself,     just as you are, at your best. And that’s where I come in.  


Shalimar took the best pictures I've ever had taken in my life for my senior pics! ... I'm insecure about pictures and she made me feel super comfortable and beautiful. Shalimar makes an effort to get to know you before your session so she really captures who you are.
~ Liz

I've got this city mapped out

I’m a long time local with the heart of a sightseer. As a city mom raising city teens, I’m always on the move, secretly scouting out killer new places for photo sessions. Looking for a spot under the El for a gritty graffiti senior photo? Want a secret park tucked away from the crowds? Not sure where you want your senior pictures? I got you with a list of locations that are just your vibe.

What do you get when an aristocrat farts?

A noble gas.

Hey, I’m not above some bathroom humor if it’s going to bring out the best in you.

I’ll go there. In fact, I’ll go just about anywhere to get on your level and capture you as you truly are. This could mean help with posing (easy, natural, non-generic posing). Or a walk on the wild side to capture you in your element. But mostly it means putting you at ease until you forget you ever worried about having your photo taken.


Senior pictures for our daughter was an amazing experience from start to finish and we could not be happier with the results. Shalimar is not only a great photographer but understands teenagers and parents, striking a great balance communicating with both. We have beautiful original photos of our daughter that captured her personality and documented some of her favorite places is Chicago. Highly recommend to anyone looking for great photos and a wonderful experience.
~ Teri
Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

“No place to go but everywhere”

Is Dispatch cool? I don’t care! I love the song “Only the Wild Ones” and those lyrics above.

You have your whole amazing life ahead of you at this moment. You can do anything, discover everything, go anywhere. 

Sorry, but the mom in me gets a little over-excited (though I’m reigning in the tears, all right!) over the journey you’re heading off toward. 

This moment in time deserves to be commemorated and remembered. Let’s preserve the “you” you’ve worked so hard to become as you go out to change the world.

I loved working with Shalimar on my senior photos because she made it super fun and easy! Plus the photos turned out amazing! She’s the best at capturing this exciting time in my life.
~ Molly

Make the most of these moments

I don’t have to tell you that time is a thief

But together we can prevent time thievery! An hour or two, a fantastic photographer (yes, I’m talking about myself), and your family just being their wild selves. Don’t let these moments go without a fight (or a hug or big sloppy toddler kiss!)