Chicago family
& senior photographer

shalimar b


Holding the moments that slip past

Show them how much they were loved. With photos.

You’re busy as heck, but you have to get family photos before your 3-year-old grows another foot! You’re worried about everyone looking good. You’re stressed that your kids are going to zoom around like tiny Tasmanian Devils and there’s NO WAY anyone could capture your family in a moment of calm and joy. 

Not trying to overwhelm, I just want you to know I hear you. Your concerns are legit. Your stress is valid. 

But (humble brag coming) this isn’t my first family rodeo. 14 years of experience, plus 2 terrors of my own (beautiful, lovely terrors). I’m a kid whisperer, a mom soother, a dad diplomat. 

In short, I got you.

And I will photograph the family that you know. The family that laughs, cries, struggles with snot all over and loves each other deeply and unconditionally. 

YOUR family. 

Shalimar B Photography is the real deal. She has been taking my children’s pictures since they were toddlers and she always captures their beautiful faces and souls in her work.
~ Tricia

Long time Chicagoan with the heart of a sightseer

I love Chicago and all its vibrancy (though we might have to do something about the winters). As a city mom raising city kids I’ve always been on the lookout for great places to hang out while secretly scouting for the best places to shoot.

Looking for a spot under the El for a gritty graffiti senior photo shoot? Want a secret park tucked away from the crowds? I’ve got this city mapped out. 

Let’s go!

Chicago Senior and Family Photographer

What do you get when an aristocrat farts?

A noble gas.

Hey, I’m not above some bathroom humor if it’s going to bring out the best in your kiddos. 

I’ll go there. In fact, I’ll go just about anywhere to get on your family’s level and capture you as you truly are. 

This could mean help with posing (easy, natural, non-generic posing). 

Or a walk on the wild side with your children to capture them in their element.

But mostly it means putting you at ease until I’m practically part of the family. This is how I grab those moments where you look like you and that enormous love you have for each other is contained in a single image (more like dozens of those timeless stories 😉 ). 

Shalimar is an amazingly, ridiculously, wickedly talented photographer. I have two active mini-mes, even as itty bitty babies they would jerk their limbs and arms and all I would end up with were shots of an arm across the face, the back of the head, the heel of a foot, or a mid-sneeze, closed eyes, open mouth Shrek baby. Shalimar captures that exact moment where you say, "I have the most beautiful baby in the world."
~ Kristen
Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

“No place to go but everywhere”

Is Dispatch cool? I don’t care! I love the song “Only the Wild Ones” and those lyrics above.

You have your whole amazing life ahead of you at this moment. You can do anything, discover everything, go anywhere. 

Sorry, but the mom in me gets a little over-excited (though I’m reigning in the tears, all right!) over the journey you’re heading off toward. 

This moment in time deserves to be commemorated and remembered. Let’s preserve the “you” you’ve worked so hard to become as you go out to change the world.

I loved working with Shalimar on my senior photos because she made it super fun and easy! Plus the photos turned out amazing! She’s the best at capturing this exciting time in my life.
~ Molly

Make the most of these moments

I don’t have to tell you that time is a thief

But together we can prevent time thievery! An hour or two, a fantastic photographer (yes, I’m talking about myself), and your family just being their wild selves. Don’t let these moments go without a fight (or a hug or a big sloppy toddler kiss)!