girl blue dress at chicago river

These days, senior photos are much more than just a pretty picture. I believe that each photo from the session should reflect the unique personality and individuality of the high school senior, creating a lasting memory that truly showcases their true self. As a mom of one son who has already graduated, and another who is a rising senior, I understand the significance of these milestone moments and I’m dedicated to capturing the essence of each senior through personalized and meaningful photo sessions.


So how do I make it meaningful while still keeping it unique to you? I believe there are three key things that help with this process. First, is that we will collaborate when choosing the locations for your session. If you live in Chicago, then I’m sure you know that this city (and especially the neighborhoods!) are just as unique as any person! That’s why I want to know what YOU love about this city!? Where do YOU want to go? Do you have any places that are special to YOU? Of course, the light will always be important, and that’s why it will be a collaboration, but first and foremost, I want the locations where we take photos to be somewhere you have a connection with.


Secondly, this may sound strange, but preparation is key! Really put some thought into what you will wear for your senior photos. I will ask you to bring 4-5 outfits. I will also send you a very helpful packet of information that will help you prepare AND help you choose these outfits. (I’m also always just a text away to answer any questions!) When you are prepared and your outfits are exactly what you want – you will feel confident in front the camera!


Third, editing. When I edit my photos you’re still going to look like yourself. Your skin isn’t going to look plastic. I’m not going to put some weird filter on it that makes your skin orange (what is that anyway?) My editing philosophy is a very light touch and I like to edit as true to life as possible while still bringing out the very best in people.


Lastly, (humble brag coming) a senior photo session with me isn’t just a “photo session.” It’s an experience itself. One of your parent’s comes with us (usually mom) and the three of us have the best time. We play music, we have snacks (I make sure to bring your favorites!) we ride around this amazing city of ours and just laugh and laugh. I often say that the pretty pictures are the souvenir. The day from start to finish is all about you. As it should be. When you look back on these pictures I want you to remember your senior year. I want you to remember all the cool places in this amazing city you went with your friends. And I want you to remember that one day in Chicago.

girl pink dress standing at lakefront chicago skyline

girl blue dress at chicago river

girl pink dress hands holding neck


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