This is a question that I often hear. Being in Chicago, I could give the standard answer – “early and often!” and I wouldn’t be wrong!

I say early because when you schedule early, as with anything, it means that you’re prepared and thinking ahead. You’ll be ahead of the crowd and have your choice of more dates.

We Chicagoans know that our summer and fall dates come and go very quickly – so it’s best to get on that schedule! Now, I may be projecting my disdain of cold and inclement weather – because I do get clients who like winter and snow. And they actually schedule their senior photos in the hopes that there will be snow!! Of course, there is always the possibility of scheduling in the studio. I love taking photos in the studio – these are not the studio photos like your grandmother had taken!!

So, the real answer is that it comes down to personal preference. First, think about what is your favorite time of year? Do you love the sun and warmth, like me? Or does a winter session or something in the studio sound more like your style? Also, think about the timing. If you are graduating in May and it’s already January – than a senior photo session in the next few months might be best in order to have something in time for announcements. Lastly, I’m always available to talk through this and help you come up with ideas and solutions that will meet your needs.

girl pink sweater arm on head. girl white shirt hand on chin

girl white shirt hand in hair

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For information about pricing or if you’d like to schedule a session – reach out to me at or 773.230.5441

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