One of my favorite things about Chicago senior photo sessions is brainstorming with seniors about the locations where we’ll take their photos. This is definitely a collaboration!! Now, we all know that Chicago is an amazing city with some of the most amazing city views and picturesque spots in the world – and it would be very easy for me to just suggest spots or dictate where we should take photos. But what would be the point of that??

To me, senior photos are more than just a pretty picture.

When a high school senior looks back at her photos 20 years from now, I want her to, of course see how beautiful she looks, but also I want the photo to have some context for her, the location to have some meaning as well. Maybe the spot we chose was a place where her and her friends often went. Or, maybe somewhere in the city that holds some type of special meaning. This will only add to the image and the experience of the session.

Keep in mind that senior photos are documenting a major life transition. That sounds super serious, so sorry to freak out all the moms that are reading this! But graduating high school and moving onto the next phase in one’s life is a big deal!!

Some important questions to ask when hiring a Chicago senior photographer is how familiar they are with the downtown area or your local area? How do they collaborate with their clients to find locations to photograph? Having a photographer who is familiar with the city, can be an advantage in this aspect. Knowing the different areas that kids like to hangout and frequent is a plus – they are often not the typical tourist areas! Make sure that the session planning is a joint effort of the photographer’s expertise and knowledge and your child’s ideas and inspiration. Chatting with the photographer before booking your session is always a good idea.


This session was a true collaboration and we had the most fun!



Girl in a pink strapless dress sitting with crossed legs on the sidewalk, with plants on either side of her. She's resting her elbow on her knee and her chin on her hand.

Girl in a pink strapless dress walking away, looking back over her left shoulder.

Girl wearing a blue patterned dress leaning on a green taxi cab, with her legs crossed, looking straight ahead. The sun is lighting up her hair.

Girl wearing a blue patterned dress leaning on a blue table, holding an ice cream cone with her right hand, smiling.










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