Chicago senior photographer 4 high school girls in dresses posing for the camera for their senior photos

You’ve booked your senior photo session and your first question is…What do I wear? You want to make sure you look amazing for your senior photos and that starts with picking the right clothes for your senior photo shoot to show off your personal style. But with so many great options out there, from dresses to jeans and everything in between, how do you choose the right things?


What you wear can determine locations, what type of poses we do and more so picking the right outfits for your style and personality is important. And coming prepped and ready to go with clothing, jewelry and accessories will insure that you will have a great senior portrait session and fall in love with your photos!


Tips for choosing what to wear for your senior photo shoot:


#1 – Look for Inspiration

Find inspiration on Instagram, both at fashion bloggers and my Instagram, to see what past clients have worn. Having a visual for what you like and what looks good on camera is a great way to start the process of choosing the right outfits for your session. Pinterest is another excellent resource for finding inspiration, create a board with different looks for your session!


#2 – Think about what works for the season

Each season has distinct clothing types. Spring is all about pretty sundresses and sandals and fall is all about layers. So make sure you are choosing a season for your senior session that allows you to wear the types of clothing you like and make sure you are choosing clothing that reflects the season in which you are having your photos taken. Check out that season’s latest trends and color and incorporate them in a real way into your session outfits. Make sure you don’t overdo it on the trends. Just pick one or two that fit your style best!


#3 – Shop your closet first

I know everyone loves to get new clothes…so do I! But you may have exactly what you need in your own closet! What is your favorite item? What do you love to wear? Is there an item that makes you feel beautiful and confident? Start with that and build an outfit around that!


#4 – Choose a variety for your session

For your senior photo session, be sure to bring a variety of outfits so that your images don’t all look the same. Think about different colors, patterns and necklines. You may want to bring one dressy outfit, one casual outfit and one outfit that is maybe somewhere in between or out of the box for you.


#5 – Don’t be afraid of color

Colors look great in photos and allow you to pop off of the background. Wearing neutrals may make you blend in with the background instead of stand out. Think about your skin color and what color clothing compliments it. If you are pale, white may wash you out so be sure to choose colors that flatter you and not colors you see everyone else wearing. Do you have a favorite color? Wear it! That will help show off your personality during the shoot. Speaking of…


#6 – Show off your personality

One of my favorite quotes from Rachel Zoe is, “Style is away to say who you are without having to speak.” This really applies to photos because they need to represent who you are without words. So choosing outfits to wear in your photos that showcase your personality is away to get you across to the viewer of the photos!

Are you classic or preppy? Bohemian or edgy? None of the above or a little of everything? Then choose outfits that fit all the different sides of your style and personality!


#7 – Think about the entire look

No matter what outfits you choose for your senior photo shoot, make sure you consider every detail so your outfits look complete. That includes accessories, shoes and even your fingernails and toenails. You want to make sure you look at everything together to make sure it works. Try each one on and remember to pack everything you need for each outfit!


Once you schedule your session, I send a detailed What to Wear guide that will help you even more with choosing outfits for your session. And if you you’d like even more help, I’m always happy to set up a wardrobe consultation and we can choose your outfits together.


Chicago senior photographer - 4 senior high school girls wearing dresses posing for the camera for their senior portraits


  • Candy
    March 11, 2022

    This is super helpful! I love the rachel zoe quote ❤️

  • March 11, 2022

    Such a great post! Love all the recommendations! Beautiful work and I know your senior clients will have a terrific time at their session with you!

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