High school senior laying in the grass looking at the camera

If you were getting your photo taken, what’s the one thing that would make you nervous? Would it be what you’re going to wear? How you’re going to do your hair and make up? Or maybe it would be just the idea of a camera pointed at you that stresses you out? Well, the number one thing I hear from Chicago high school seniors is that they don’t know how to pose, and that’s what makes them anxious to get their photos taken.

I get it. I do. It’s that whole, what do I do with my hands feeling. Believe me when I tell you I’ve been in that position myself!

But do you want to know the good news? You will never feel this way during a senior session with me! I will always tell you exactly what to do with your hands. Better yet, I’ll show you!

Here’s how a senior photo session with me goes; when we start the session, I will show you exactly how to do each and every pose. I will show you how to stand, where to put your hands, everything. This will continue for awhile until you’re feeling comfortable with the poses.  Pretty soon, you’ll notice that you’re posing yourself!! Wait, what!!??? You’re finding places for your hands to go. You’re looking natural and feeling natural in front of the camera!! Is it really this easy? Yes!! Yes, it is!!

Two images of high school senior girls both looking at the camera

The bottom line is that I am there for you. I know that most people have this fear of not knowing how to pose, and not knowing where to put their hands in photos. I am acutely aware of it. I’ll show you exactly what to do. I’ll coach you through everything. My goal is that by the end of the session, you feel confident in the images we captured and more comfortable in front of the camera.

But even if you don’t, it will look like you do!!

High school senior leaning on a tree looking at the camera

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High school senior laying in the grass looking at the camera


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