Let’s be honest …we all thought this would be over by now.


I felt awful for the seniors in the Class of 2020, but I never in a million years thought the Class of 2021 would find themselves in the same situation!

But here you are. This is definitely not what you envisioned for your senior year. Being the mom of a senior this year, I know what you and your parents are going through.


So let’s talk about why a senior photography session should be a priority this year.


#1. Less senior events = less documentation. Without senior prom photos, homecoming photos, sports photos, club photos, (you get the idea) you’re not going to have a lot of visual documentation of this incredible time in your life. Senior photos will help you document this chapter of your life.

Girl in red dress standing in a field of flowers


#2. Without all of those senior events, senior year has probably been beyond boring! Yawwwwnnn! Why not book a senior session and get an incredible memory in the books! I still have some availability in May for the Class of 2021!

Girl wearing jeans and a tie dye t-shirt sitting on the inside ledge of a window.


#3. This is one thing that we can go all out for! Senior sessions are safe and socially distanced. The entire time will be spent on you! No groups, no extra people. Just you, your parent(s) and we’re good to go!

Two boys both dressed in suits, one with a tie.

So let’s do this! Send me an email at hello@shalimarbphotography.com or give me a call at 773.230.5441 for more info or to schedule a session photography session.