This is such a great question! And one that I’ve gotten quite a few times – and actually, one I’ve thought myself when preparing my family for our family photo session!


But don’t worry, Mom. I’ve always got a plan – for both before our session and during our session, to keep everyone happy and having a great time!


Before the session:

  • get a good night’s sleep the night before the session
  • start with full bellies before the session
  • don’t hype up the session too much! Let your kids know about it, but don’t make it a big deal

During the session, I don’t expect kids to sit still and look at the camera, so please don’t expect your kids to do that either! We will play games and sing some silly versions of twinkle-twinkle little star (no video recordings, please!) All to evoke real smiles/laughter from your children – and you too! It also helps to draw out the child that is feeling a little shy (especially if parents are laughing!) Let me take the lead during our time together, you just relax and have fun! I may let your kids break some rules (not big ones), maybe just some jumping on the bed or a potty word whispered here and there!


One important thing to remember is that I am a mom. I’ve also been photographing families for nearly 15 years. So, I’ve not only been around many, many different types of families, but I’ve also been in your exact position myself. So, on the off-chance that your child does have a melt-down during your session. First, please don’t stress about it or be embarrassed. We’ve all been there and I understand. Second, it will pass. When your little one is feeling better, we can continue, even if it’s in the arms of a parent. Which, let’s be honest, is the best place to be.


**the children in these photos are perfect angels!!!!!



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