Little boy smiling with grass and trees behind him lit up by the sun.

J’adore mon travail!


That translates to “I love my job!” in French. Now, I may or may not have used Google Translate to figure that out! But either way, it’s the truth.

I especially love when families come back to me year after year and I get to see the kids and how much they’ve changed and grown. It truly brings me such joy. I also feel really privileged when families come back to me. I know that there are about 5 zillion Chicago family photographers, so when they choose me every year, it really means quite a bit.

When setting up my business 14 years ago (what??), I vowed to always try to see things from my client’s perspective. To me, this means making customer service a top priority. Of course, good photos are a given, but treating the families that I serve like I would want to be treated is a value that I hold dear. I like to think that this is why I have so many families that choose to return to me every year.


The family pictured here actually lives in Paris! They travel to the US to visit family and I get to photograph them every time they visit Chicago! When the little guy was born, I was lucky enough to travel to Paris to photograph him and the family in their beautiful home. I can’t believe that was 6 years ago already!! Since, clearly, I cannot speak French (ahem, Google translate) it’s a very good thing that the entire family is fluent in both French and English!


I feel so fortunate to do what I do. To meet and spend time with the families across this city and everywhere! Every family is unique and works in it’s own way and I love to be able to get a peek into that world, one session at a time.


Little boy smiling with grass and trees behind him lit up by the sun.

A teenage girl with shoulder length straight hair with a slight smile on her face. She's standing with her right hand on her hip and her left hand by her side. She's wearing a dress with pink and white stripes.

Little girl with red hair and freckles smiling. She's wearing a white dress and her hair is in pigtails.




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