When my kids were little and gave Valentines to friends at school, I always felt like I was behind the 8 ball. It seems like because I was just trying to keep them fed, safe and manage my own life, I would completely forget about Valentine’s Day until the night before. So, we’d be going to the store to get the pre-made leftover Valentine’s cards. Not that there is anything wrong with the pre-made cards!! But, having to pick from the remaining cards that no one wanted was never ideal.
So, to prevent you and your kids from feeling the pain of the pre-made leftovers – I pinned some really easy Valentine’s Day crafts you can do at home. They don’t require crazy materials – in fact most use just construction paper, scissors and glue. And absolutely NO GLITTER!!!
Check them out on my Pinterest page.
Happy crafting, girl! You’re going to be ahead of the game!!