Often I get the question about how I started my photography business. Believe it or not, I used to be in pharmaceutical sales. I did that for almost 12 years. I started shortly after college and worked until I had my second son. It was an amazing job, with great benefits. Although not nearly as glamorous as people thought it was. There was a lot of schlepping, rejection and meetings. OMG – the meetings. But, I did gain many friends while working there – both in the industry and some of the physicians that I met with.


Like many photographers, I picked up a camera after I had my boys. I started taking photography classes with a local school and was able to join a community of photographers – many of whom I’ve now photographed, but more importantly consider good friends. While there, I started volunteering and helping to teach some of the printing lab classes. At the time, I was taking photos of my kids and kids/moms that were friends of mine from a neighborhood playgroup. I wasn’t really considering starting a business until my teacher and mentor Richard Stromberg brought it up to me. He suggested that I start to build a portfolio and start charging for my work. Richard had made his living as a photojournalist so I really valued his opinion. He was a straight shooter and wouldn’t say things just because he knew you’d want to hear them. After some consideration, I did just that!

That was over eleven years ago. Time has flown by. I am so very thankful that I took Richard’s advice and consider myself lucky to do something that brings me such joy.


Here are some of those early photos of my friends and their kids – and one of my family.