Do you have a go-to movie that you like to curl up and watch? Especially when (in Chicago) it’s below freezing and all you want to do is just stay inside! I have a couple that I like to watch, but my absolute favorite is “Almost Famous.” If you’ve never watched it, it’s about a 16 year budding journalist who goes on tour with an up and coming rock-n-roll band to write a story for Rolling Stone magazine. It’s set in the 1970’s. I believe it’s based on the life of Cameron Crowe, who wrote and directed the film.


I think I love this movie because I’ve always loved live music and about 10-11 years ago I would photograph bands during shows, sometimes as much as twice a week. I loved it! I still do! But, I’m also a mom and I quickly found that it was very difficult to get up with kids at 6am, when you just went to bed a 2 or 3am!


Now, I still photograph performers, but just a much younger set! I’m having just as much fun and getting to bed much earlier!!


So what’s your movie? I’d love to hear! (Comment below)


*photo taken of the late Eddy The Chief Clearwater in 2009 and the other is a dear client who is just getting started on the guitar!