Sixteen today. How did we get here SO. DAMN. FAST? This boy of mine burst into the world fifteen minutes into January 21st and instantly I was changed forever. As a new mom to a new baby boy, I had no idea what I was doing. I think I spent the first year staring at him constantly. Watching every single move. If I thought something wasn’t right, I’d immediately google it (I don’t recommend that!) and have him diagnosed with some strange and rare condition. An hour later, he thankfully would be fine. He taught me the ins and outs of being a mom. His constant smile made me less anxious about the job I was doing, and how well I was doing it. That’s still true.


This boy always has a smile on his face. Whether he is playing volleyball, hanging out with his friends, on his X-box, fooling around with his brother, or just talking to me his face is lit up with that smile that can stop me in my tracks.


Now, as a mom of a teenager, I still have many moments of having no idea what I am doing. But as long as he’s still smiling, I’m on the right track.