It’s safe to say that most of my favorite images are those with moms and their kids. When I’m able to capture a moment like this I know that it’s not really for the mom or dad. Really, it’s for that baby when he grows up. Years, probably decades from now, he’ll look back on this image with his mom and see the love she has for him.


Knowing this, why then are we, as moms, so reluctant to get in photos with our kids? I get it, we want to look our best – maybe we aren’t at the ideal weight we want to be, or maybe we’re growing out our hair and REALLY don’t like the stage it’s currently in (can you tell that hits a nerve with me!?) but really, do our kids care what we look like? Ever? I’d say no. They just see and feel the love.  Eventually, they will want photos of them with their mom. They’ll go looking for them. What will they find?


A wake up call for me was when my son and I were looking at photos from a past vacation. All the photos were of the two boys alone or my two boys with my husband. Virtually none included me. My son then asked if I was on that vacation with them. Now I’m sure to hand off the camera to my husband and get photos of myself with them.


What about you? Are you your family’s historian? Are you getting on the other side of the camera?