take pictures of your kids!!  yes, that’s right.  get that fancy camera you got for whichever holiday you celebrate, take it out of the box, turn it on, let the fun begin!  Here are some tips for taking great photos of your kids:

1.  get down to their level, instead of shooting them from above:


2.  focus on the eyes – get close. fill the frame with what’s important – them!!


3.  capture some of their playtime, when they are super focused on something important to them


4.  don’t worry so much about them looking at the camera and smiling.  you can still take a cute photo with them looking elsewhere or not smiling (see this post about not smiling.):


5.  get some details.  those hands and feet will only be little and chubby for a short period of time.


6.  put them together and see what happens.  it can be hilarious.  in my house, it often leads to WWE-like wrestling.  don’t get hung up on the idea that everyone needs to be looking at the camera.


i hope this helps you take some great photos of your kids – and make sure you get them printed so your family can enjoy them for years to come!!


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