the 2014 grammys are upon us!  as a music lover, i’m always interested to see which bands win awards, although most of my favorite bands tend not to be in the mainstream.

it is a little known fact that i used to shoot bands.  for those that know me, as you can imagine, this was a dream come true.  i love music, i love live music.  so to combine my love of music with my love of photography was amazing!!!  as the baby/family side of my business became busier and as my children started getting older i started doing less of the band work.  i found it difficult to lead a rock n roll lifestyle as the mother of two small boys!! but, i always miss it and whenever i go to a concert i’m always looking out for the photographers in the pit or sidestage and secretly wishing i was them!

here are a handful of shots that were my favorite . . .




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