display photos in my home?

I get this question a lot so i’ve decided to discuss this topic on my blog on a regular basis, giving ideas and showcasing cool products.  if you’ve spent anytime reading this blog then you know that i highly encourage printing your images and displaying them in some way.  especially if you are making an investment in hiring a professional photographer, but also the photos that you take on vacation and the day to day smartphone shots. kids love to see photos of themselves!!!!  not only that, you’ll love it too once you do it!  i can’t tell you how many times i will stop and stare at photos of my kids that i’ve hung on the wall.  or even if i don’t stop, i smile as i go by.

but many people don’t know how to display their images. or maybe they are making it more complicated than it needs to be. often i’ll hear people say they don’t want their home to look like a shrine to their kids.  i get that. but there are many cool and tasteful ways to display prints.  you could mix in different art objects with your photos or photos of other people (i.e. grandparents, friends, etc.)

in my home i have two very long hallways (city lots – skinny, but long!), each about 30 feet long.  i decided to treat them like art galleries.  for the main floor i purchased frames that i love from room & board (a home furnishings store) and printed 8×10’s to go in them.  i feel like it’s a good balance between showcasing photos i love and decorating my home.  for the downstairs, i added more frames and designed it in a way that i can add to it if i feel like it.  for this display, i added in more photos of grandparents, nieces and nephews – since this is near the guest bedroom and bathroom, i want them to see photos of themselves and feel welcome.

in both of these displays i have used both color and black and white prints – don’t be afraid to mix the two!  if you keep something consistent – like the frames, in these instances, it ties it all together.

how are you displaying photos in your home?  i’d love to see!!!

Photo how to


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