Are you like me and stop to read every holiday gift guide that you see? Hoping that you’ll see that one perfect gift for every person on your list?

I LOVE to give gifts and it’s even better if I can find the absolute perfect gift! My biggest problem is buying the gift too far in advance and then putting it away and then either forgetting that I purchased it or forgetting where I put it – but that’s a completely different post!!!

This post, you guessed it, is a gift guide!! But a very specific one – you guessed it again, all photo related gifts!!

1. Take your favorite photo – it could be of you and the gift recipient. It could be of just you, or your family or kids. It could be a photograph you think is beautiful. Whatever it is – have it custom framed. The difference that custom framing makes is remarkable. If you don’t have a go-to framer, ask around in your neighborhood – you’re sure to find one. I have two that I like to use – The Frame Factory.

2. This is the most 2020 gift ever! Take one of your photos and turn it into a puzzle! Everybody is going crazy over puzzles! Pinhole Press can do this for you – they also have a ton of other photo related gift ideas.

3. I always preach to get your photos off of your phone – the perfect way to do that is to print them directly to a photo book (i.e. cute little gift!) Hello Artifact Uprising – their products are gorgeous and they make it really easy to go from phone to album with an easy app. Don’t you just love things that are easy AND amazing??

Hopefully one of these three items will be a perfect gift for someone on your list! Let me know in the comments or send me a DM if that’s the case! Or, let me know what other photo-related items you are getting or would like to see/find – I may be able to help!