Look around your home.


Think about the spaces your kids love to be. Is it their bedroom? Maybe it’s your bedroom. On any given day, where can your family be found hanging out in your home? No doubt, you’ve put in a lot of time to make your home comfortable for your family (and continue to put in time to keep it up!) As your kids grow, where they like to be in your home may change. My boys used to love to come and jump in my bed – but now that they are teenagers, not at all!! (which is probably good because they are huge!)

Wouldn’t it be great to capture your kiddos in your home as they are now?

When I started my photography business, 12 years ago, I ONLY worked out of families homes. And I still offer that service! I love to photograph families in their home for several reasons. Kids are often more comfortable in their own space, if there is a family pet – he/she can be included easily, I can photograph things in the home that are sentimental and it feels more personal to each family.


If you have been considering professional photos, but you don’t want the look of a studio – reach out! I’m happy to discuss this option with you and how it would look for your family!