Did you get a new camera for the holidays? So exciting to think about all of the beautiful images you will create with it. The technology on the new cameras is truly amazing – however, it still takes a real person to operate the camera, frame the shot, and have the vision for the image.

Here are some tips on how to take better photos of your kids.

Another recommendation I’d make is to pick up the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson – the author does a fantastic job of explaining the sometimes confusing exposure and how to achieve proper exposure. By learning this, you’ll be able to take that camera off of Auto/Program mode!!

Lastly, I will soon be offering a Photography Workshop for Moms – if you’d like more info about that stay tuned! You can also comment below with your email address and I’ll be sure to notify you with the details!

Once you know how to use your new toy – you’ll be able to capture images of your kids doing things like this!!!