Now that it’s summer, you may be taking more photos of your kids – either on vacation, or because of the holiday. Whatever the reason – here are 3 ways to improve those images:

1. Get down to their level. To really connect and make the photo seem more natural, get down to your kids’ level. Think about it, would you want to take a photo with your neck strained looking up? I wouldn’t! When you get down to their size, it’s less overwhelming for them.


2. Pay attention to where your light source is. Personally, for outdoor photos I like taking them either early in the morning or an hour before sunset, the light is softer at these times. But that isn’t always possible. Most important, know where your light source is and how it will effect your photo and your subject. If it’s behind the subject, they will be back lit – which can be great, as long as you are exposing for their skin tones. Otherwise, their face may be too dark. If the light is behind you while taking the photo, it could be good, but be mindful of your subject squinting. Side light (not to be confused with side eye) can be gorgeous. Also, if you are in the bright sun in the middle of the day, look the open shade of a big tree or building. If you are inside, get your subject close to a window and turn off the lights to use that natural light.


3. Give yourself a break! Every photographer will tell you that it’s not an easy feat to take photos of your own kids. They know how to push your buttons! My advice for a work around is to manage your expectations and also look for moments to capture that you’ll want to remember. Good photos don’t always have everyone looking at the camera and smiling. In fact, most of my favorite photos of my kids – neither are looking at the camera! They are looking and interacting with each other, which I love even more! One of my favorite photos (seen below) started out as me trying to capture a photo of the two of them, looking at the camera. It turned into a bit of a sh*tshow as they started goofing around. But once I just went with the flow, I was able to capture a photo that perfectly showed their relationship.

Remember, your photos don’t have to be perfect! It’s important to document your families life – in any way that you can! You’ve got this!




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