Did you make any New Year resolutions this year? I really never do, although, I guess I just have the same ones every year. Ha!

At the top of my list every year it to declutter. I like a pretty minimalistic look – in both my work and my home, but sometimes achieving that can be difficult for me. I’m not super organized. I mean, I’m organized in my life – keeping appointments, remembering to pick up my kids, etc. But when it comes to paper, clothes and especially shoes – all bets are off. So while I never said the words “my New Year Resolution is to organize my house,” it was kind of in the back of my mind as a goal for the year.

So after reading on Facebook and Instagram that nearly everyone (except me it seemed) was watching Marie Kondo on Netflix, I decided to binge watch it, as one does. Now, I did read her book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” but it really didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t motivate me to change in anyway. But after watching her show, I decided to give it a try. I’ll admit that seeing her way of doing things did kind of speak to me.

Needless to say, I’ve been working on my closet for two days now. Shoes are everywhere. Clothes are bagged up and ready for donation. Drawers contain t-shirts neatly folded in the Marie Kondo style. I’m excited to finish (which will probably be today,) and it will be interesting to see if I can maintain it. One of the best things I ever did for myself was to hire a professional organizer. She helped me with my kitchen and my younger son’s room and I have to say that I have been able to maintain that. Mostly, I think, because she understood and was able to explain the systems that make sense.

Sometimes I wish my house looked like my studio – minimalist, all white, no clutter. But, I live with two teenage boys and one husband so all white just is not realistic!!!

What about you? Have you followed through with any of your goals or resolutions so far this year? Did you jump on the tidying up bandwagon? Thinking of hiring a professional? I highly recommend Kelly Brask – she works wonders!