About 5 years ago when I started to photograph more portraits of women for boudoir sessions and glamour sessions, I was lucky enough to meet Kate Johnson. Many of you may have met her as she is my go-to person for hair and makeup! Not only do I use her services for my clients, but also for myself. She is someone I trust to give me the real scoop on all thing makeup and beauty related.

Kate is a bad ass boss babe – she is an artist with a team of people behind her but she is also an entrepreneur. Kate has won numerous awards for her work in the wedding industry and her work has also been featured in too many publications to count. (Glamour magazine and Sports Illustrated just to name two!) She has her degree in Special Effects Makeup and Hair for Film and Theater but what one of the things I like best about Kate is that she really listens to her clients needs and can not only make them feel and look beautiful with her art, but that she also really cares about using the best products for skin and body which ultimately make for a healthier person!  Here is my interview with Kate and some photos of her work with my clients. More of her work can be found here: https://www.katejohnsonartistrybrides.com


Shalimar: Everyone is so busy and I hear from women all the time that they want quick ways to look great during the day when they may not have time to put on a full face of make-up. What is your number one quick tip to look great during the day?


Kate Johnson: The best tip that I can give people is to really know what you put in your body and on your skin. Even if you feel like your skin is oily, use an oil at night and it will keep your skin balanced and more flexible. This will lead to you looking younger and refreshed all the time. Taking a probiotic and my new favorite collagen will help give you the fresh, youthful look that we all strive for by applying makeup. 


SB: What is your favorite, go to skincare/makeup product that you use everyday?

KJ: I have two every day go-to products. One is called wrinkle guard oil and the other is the brow pomade by Anastasia.

SB: What is your favorite mascara?

KJ: Mascara is very unique and individual to each person. For most people in general, I really love Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced. It gives a lot of volume as well as length

SB: What are you excited about right now?

KJ: I have a trip planned for London next month! I’m also really excited about a product I am using right now, Biocell collagen. I never knew one product to make such a huge difference in my life. Not only my skin, but in my hair. I hardly ever wear foundation anymore. It can be found at: katejohnsonshop.com

SB: How do you balance life/work/family?

KJ: Work life balance? I didn’t realize there was such a thing. Just kidding! It’s hard! The first couple of years owning a business I had none. I honestly think that’s probably what happens in most situations. You have to go so hard at your goals that balance has to be put aside. But I’m almost 10 years in and I’m totally fine putting my phone down for a while or not checking it right before I go to bed. Knowing that it’ll be OK if I don’t answer an email for 12 hours or go on a vacation and leave an auto-reply on for a couple of days.

SB: What is your greatest extravagance?

KJ: In general I would say a couple of things I do regularly. I wear lash extensions, I wear hair extensions and I buy a ridiculously expensive hair product every month. My favorite hair products are from Oribe. The dry texturizing spray, of course, and the plumping mousse. These three things I have learned to justify into my world.

SB: What is the best makeup/skin care advice you can give to readers:

KJ: The best make up and skin care advice I can give is, stop wearing so much make up and take more time on your skin. Most people who think they have oily skin actually are really super dehydrated and need more oils. Using a high-quality product doesn’t have to be expensive but can rarely be found at the grocery store because of the additives. Also, to stop watching so many YouTube make up tutorials! These people are showing you tricks based on their own eye shape and face shape. It will rarely translate. 

SB: What is your motto?

KJ: You can be late for whatever reason you want but it won’t be because of me.

SB: What is the last picture you took:

KJ: Probably a new client for their bridal trial.

Thanks so much Kate! I learned so much by talking with you – as usual! I love your tip about really paying attention to the things we use on our skin – that makes so much sense! You can follow Kate on instagram at @beautyfoodtravel and @kjohnartistry and on Facebook.


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