I’m feeling sappy today – and I’m not really sure why. I even made my kids let me take their photos before they went off to school, as if it were the first day of school. (to be fair, though, I am taking a class so I was practicing some new techniques.) When I sat down to write this post and I started looking at these images of this sweet family, it really made me think of time and how quickly it goes. Could I be anymore cliche? But, man, is it true.

Before I meet a family for their session I send out a form that asks questions about their family and kids. One of the questions I ask is what is it about this age of their children they want to remember. This mom mentioned that her daughter is teething and she’s constantly putting her hands in her mouth, so I was sure to capture that. (Could she be any cuter?) When kids are little, they often will do something for a few weeks, or a month and that’s it – they don’t do it again. Be it funny faces, or hands in the mouth, or feet in their mouth! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up because they are growing and changing so incredibly fast. Time doesn’t slow down for anybody. It goes so quickly. But, we can slow down. I’ve been trying to do that more these days and soak in the time I have with my kids.

What is something your kid(s) did that you miss?



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