Sessions when mom gets in the photos are my favorite types of sessions! True story.

Isn’t mom always the one who is the family historian? Always taking photos of everyone else, but not getting in the photo herself? I’m guilty of this too – once my son and I were flipping through family vacation photos from when he was very little. He turned to me and asked, “Mom, were you on this vacation?” Wow!! That was an eye opener. I tell moms who are a little reluctant to get in the photos that these images aren’t necessarily for her – they are for her kids! Kids love to see themselves in photos but they also love to see themselves with their parents in photos. Even as an adult – I cherish the few photos I have of myself with my parents when I was little.

So to the moms who jump in those photos vs. always being the one to take them I say “Bravo!” And to the moms who need a little encouragement I say, “Go for it!” Your kids will thank you and who knows, you might enjoy being on the other side of the camera!

Post in comments your favorite photo of yourself with your kids – I’d love to see them!

And if you’d like your own family photography session (moms included!!) then give me a shout!


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