Every year at this time I’m brought back to my own “labor day”.  Ten years ago this weekend, my youngest son was born – which means he will be double digits this year, baby! I can hardly believe it. How can this be happening?

Whenever one of my boys’ birthday comes around I always try and take a moment out of the day and think about the actual day they were born. I think about the events of the day. How I felt. How things progressed. Things we said. The timeline of the day. I won’t lie, as the years go by, it’s harder to remember everything, but I try. Does anyone else do this? Am I the only one?

I’ve had a lot of newborns into the studio over the last couple of weeks – which is always a good way to get a baby fix! Now that I don’t technically have a “baby”. According to my soon to be double-digit, “I’m not a baby Mom” son! Stay tuned for images from those sessions soon – you won’t want to miss those gorgeous baby faces!!!

Until then – take a look at this sweet baby, who I fell in love with instantly! I love seeing this family – and it was this guy’s first time!! He was a champ – just like his big sister and big brother!




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