When you’re the dad and you’re the photographer of the family, it’s rare that you get to see yourself in photos with your child, unless they are selfies or taken in a photo booth. I speak from experience. Not about the dad part.

So I’m always thrilled when this good friend and his wife ask me to photograph their family, not only because they are one of the most gorgeous families on the planet and I love them, but also because I want my friend to be able to see how he looks with his child. Not only the looks of joy on his sweet baby boy’s face, but also the looks of pure joy on his own face. There is no mistaking the love he has for his son in that moment. You can’t fake that, you can’t solicit it with a “say cheese!” and you’d be hard pressed to capture it with a selfie-stick!

Parent and child photos are some of my favorite images to capture and I always encourage parents to get in the photos with their kiddos!!! Call or email to schedule your family session today! hello@shalimarbphotography.com or 773.230.5441





  • Deb Bartel Jafraty
    August 30, 2015

    Shalimar what a beautiful blog, you wrote about my son and his family. Your pictures are beautiful. I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful words you wrote. Dan is a wonderful daddy, I love watching him and Annette with Ben.

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