every time a new family comes to shalimar b photography, as part of a pre-consult they are asked some questions to help me to get to know them a little before our session, to know what their hopes are for the session, and why they chose shalimar b photography.  i often hear from clients that one reason they chose to work with me was that the images on my website and blog look “natural and uncomplicated” or i seem to capture images that “can’t be posed for.” wow – i really take that as a compliment! first, i always want people to feel at ease and relaxed in front of my camera – that will definitely translate to natural looking photos. secondly, when clients say that i always explain to them that sometimes the “candid” shots do take some directing or coaching from me. They aren’t posed, necessarily, but part of being a professional photographer is knowing how to be patient and wait for the right moment to take the shot. when to leave the family/subject alone and let the moment unfold naturally and when to gently direct to get the natural looking shot that the client is hoping for.


i love these types of images too. i feel they really tell a story. the story of you, your family. the connection of your family. as i evolve as an artist i am gravitating more towards the connection in my images. so as we move into 2015, you will see much more of that in my work. more stories. more connections. because, really, isn’t that what this is all about?




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