what a difference a year makes! just last year around this time this sweet boy was in my studio and now he’s back with his new little best friend! i’ve said it before that i have a soft spot for brothers and these two were a perfect example of why. sweet and loving, but with a touch of rough and tumble. hugs and kisses, but with a poke in the eye and yank of the ear. years ago when my two were younger and it seemed like they were fighting each other more than they were loving each other i met this woman on the sideline of a soccer game. she was watching her youngest and i was watching my oldest. her boys shared the same age difference as my boys. i asked how they got along, hoping that she would say it gets much better. her reply was perfect and so true. she said that her boys were best friends and mortal enemies. this describes my boys to a tee. thankfully, most days it’s the former and not the latter. i hope the same holds true for these sweet boys (and also for their mother’s sake!)




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