i don’t know too many people that can say that if they are having a lousy day it will be better once they go to work – but i sure can!!!!!

it always amazes me! not that i have a ton of bad days – i don’t (thankfully!) but you know how life is. . . we all have things going on .  .  . things on our mind . . . stress, anxiety, etc. but when i walk into a photo session everything just melts away.  anything that was bothering me is suddenly gone, completely forgotten and all i see are the beautiful faces in front of my lens. this little guy was such a joy to me on this day and was exactly what i needed.

we laughed. we ran around. we threw the ball. we cooed over his little sister.

he and his family were a complete delight. and when they left my day was a little brighter and my step was a little lighter.


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