is that my shutter clicking away? or is that me and this couple just clicking and “getting” each other? was that totally and completely cheesy?  aahhh, yes it was.  however!!!! the correct answer is . . . wait for it . . . both!! sometimes people come into your life and you just “get” each other. i felt this way about this couple. i’m very lucky actually, because i feel that way about many, many of the clients that walk through my door. what’s even better about this couple is that they have booked me for an entire year of photos as their sweet baby is born and grows – i can’t wait!!!  not only to meet their sweet little peanut but also to get to know them and watch them become parents. (sidebar: when an expectant mom comes to the studio wearing Chuck Taylors – hello! instant cool factor!)  this is one of the best parts of what i do. watching people make that leap into parenthood.

when i go thru the photos of families that have been with me for their baby’s first year, it is amazing to see the changes in not only the baby, but also in the parents.  and i don’t mean in how tired the parents look or the baby weight that has been lost. i mostly mean the looks of love that pass between a mother and her baby. the way a father will throw his baby up in the air – so high that sometimes i will gasp (!!) as the baby is laughing like crazy looking at daddy because he knows his daddy will catch him. or the looks between mommy and daddy as if to say “look at this amazing person we created.”

so when i see expectant parents it makes me think of what they have ahead of them. i’m excited for them. but i don’t tell them. i’ll let them figure it out for themselves and be there to take the photos.


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