extended family sessions are a definite favorite of mine – i love to see the interaction, the fun, and the sometimes chaos . . . but most of all i love the interaction between grandparents and grandchildren.  maybe it’s because i was fortunate enough to have a very close relationship with all of my grandparents that i really value that special connection.  although i’ve only been on one side of that relationship i’d describe it as pure joy.  i now see it with my own kids and their grandparents.  sadly, i have very few photos of myself with my grandparents.  i do have photos of them that i look at often but to have photos of us together would really be something – to be able to see that kind of love and connection and have a constant visual reminder of it.

this family walked into my studio and the love and joy that surrounded them was immediately obvious.  not just with the grandparents and grandkids (which you can see for yourself!) but with every member of the family.  it was a great morning at sbp!  ** by the way, if you love (and how could you not?) the clothes these kids are wearing – check out the amazing store Green Genes in the Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago.

grandparents and grandchildren

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