raise your hand if you remember me blogging about the importance of printing your photos??  anyone??? while the age of technology may have reduced the amount of images people print, it has also made it soooo easy to do so!  in just a few clicks you can order prints and have them shipped to you.  so what are you waiting for??? no, seriously, what are you waiting for?

i found a site to make it easy to order prints and albums right from your phone!!!  no more excuses!  the site is artifact uprising – check them out here.  i’ve used this company before to print some albums for a photo project and i was impressed with the quality of the albums, the reasonable price and the ease of using the website. but what really sold me is the app for my iphone.  from this app i was able to order an album for print directly from my instagram feed.  genius!!!  (you can also order prints and square prints from either your camera roll or instagram account) they really make it super simple.  it took me 5 minutes.

given that i have recently started a love affair with instagram (follow me @shalimarbphoto) i know i will be using artifact uprising for many things in the future. like many of you, i use my iphone as my day to day camera.  it’s so great to have an easy way to print these photos and share them with others – not everyone in my life is on social media!


here are a few of the images i put in the album from my family’s recent trip out west.  let me know if you create an album or some other print product from your smartphone!!

family photography


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