whatever it is that you are called, isn’t it amazing you can tell when it’s your little one yelling it from across the store, or at Pump It Up, Chuck E. Cheese, etc?  

I’ve nagged, preached, begged, blogged about how important I think it is for mom’s to get in the photos with their kids.  I recently reposted this article and I think the author does a really good job of expressing the importance of mom/child photos (much better than I can do!)  I am guilty of the same thing.  yes, it’s true, I do not enjoy getting my photo taken.  Maybe after I lose ten pounds, or have the right outfit on, or have a tan, or, or, or . . . but I managed to take care of that and made photography my profession, which almost guarantees that I am always the person behind the camera!  I will drag my kids into the random photobooth when I see one – and so, the majority of the photos of me and my kids are black and white strips of us making silly faces.  And you know what?  I treasure those photos.  My kids love them too – they fight over who gets the strip.  

So I’ve decided to take things a step further – this year I will be putting a special emphasis on taking photos of mom with their kids.  Stay tuned for special events, promotions, etc.  I’m very excited about it and hope you will be too!  I even bit the bullet and took some photos of me and my kids (thanks to my husband for the actual taking of the photos!) And, surprisingly, it didn’t kill me!




  • February 12, 2013

    Another great set, love the black and white. The very slight over-exposure gives everything/skin/and all a very clean look.

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