as 2012 comes to a close i find myself feeling more thankful, more grateful, more blessed, and really lucky that my kids are healthy, safe and happy.  i know i’m not alone in this.  for all the trials and tribulations we may have in our day to day lives, whatever they may be, the bottom line is if your kids are safe and healthy you are blessed.  the end of the year is often a time of self-reflection, a time to think about things to do differently in the new year.  after all that has happened in the world and the country this year i’ve been thinking about ways to make things better, safer for our kids.  one thing that i am sure of, moms can change this world.  moms can make things better for our children.  there is nothing that one mom, a group of moms, a nation of moms and a world of moms cannot accomplish. i’m not exactly sure how this will play out and what my contribution will be yet.

what will be yours?


here are some of my favorite mom and child images from the last year or two – some even a little older.


happy new year  xoxo




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