on sunday i had an outdoor session with a great family – we did it just in time!  just in time for what?  on my way home it started pouring!!!  while i have a feeling the little guy would have liked to play in the rain, the rest of us wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much!

These kids were fantastic!  now, I have nothing against princesses or people that like princesses, but i was never a princess kind of girl.  so, when i find someone else that isn’t a princess kind of girl i feel a kinship.  miss j is not a princess kind of girl!  we connected right off the bat – or maybe it was my camera that she liked!

i have a soft spot for two year old boys, since i have one of my own.  they are daredevils, sometimes rebels, always curious!  mr. j was no exception!  but he was also very sweet and didn’t seem to mind me, at least for awhile!

enjoy the sneak peek!

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