it’s been such a busy weekend so far – i’ve already had three sessions!  all three were so fun, with such great families!  also, this crazy chicago weather has cooperated.

my first session was with two sweet sisters – check out the dimples on older sister – she was also so smart – she pronounced my name perfectly!  i know some adults that can’t say my name correctly!  and the little one, what a daredevil –  dad and i were laughing that one day they’ll walk into the kitchen and find that she’s climbed onto the fridge!

my next session was with a very good friend and her two great kids – getting some shots for father’s day (it’s a surprise – don’t tell dad!)  as you can see, red (as her dad calls her) just lost her two front teeth – priceless!  i love spending time with this family!  enjoy the sneak peek!

i just finished this next session a few hours ago – i couldn’t wait to look at the images.  these two boys reminded me of my own – they were on the move!!  such sweet boys – at one point during the session they saw their grandma – their little faces just lit up – “grandma!!” – it made my heart smile!  thanks for a fun morning mister c and mister a!

phew!  thanks for looking! three more sessions this week – i love it!!



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