Ok, not the actual day – but for sure the post and images for! Maybe I could use the excuse that I was just enjoying my own Mother’s Day holiday? Or that I was trying to go all out for the fathers in my life for their big day? Those would be lies.


I’m just going to chalk it up to end of school year overwhelm. Yeah.  That’s it. If you’re a mom, you know what I’m talking about. The month of May always creeps up on me. Suddenly there is so much to do. Forms, camps, vacations, summer jobs, etc. – in addition to the normal, everyday momming (not sure if that’s a word!) that occurs. But even with all of that, I love being a mom. I feel like it’s one of the things I was meant to do. It’s funny that as my kids get older and need me less and less, I find that I want to be around them even more. Obviously, I’ve always known my kids will eventually grow up and move out. But when it’s suddenly staring you in the face and you realize the first one will be gone in 2 years – sometimes that freaks me the f out! Another side effect of this is that I’m obsessed with capturing images of kids with their parents! Here are some favorites from some recent sessions: