So you purchased all of your digital images – now what should you do with them??!!! If you are like many people, please don’t let them just sit on the flash drive! Digital images are great to have for archiving photos – but you can also do so many things with them!


The first thing you should do is share them! Share them on social media so your family and friends can enjoy them. Isn’t that the best thing about facebook? (It is for me!) I love to see how my friends kids have grown through the years, especially friends and family that live in a different state (or country) from me.


In my opinion, one of the best things you can do with digital images is print them! If they sit on your computer, or even just social media, your kids may not see them and kids love to see themselves in photos! There are many quality consumer print labs that you can use. One of the best is – which is the consumer side of one of the pro print labs I use for client prints and albums. The print quality is great, as is the customer service, I highly recommend this company!


Another idea would be to create albums. This is something that I plan to start doing on a yearly basis with my personal images. I organize my images by year and month, so at the end of the year, it will be really easy to create a photo of that year. I can then make an album for myself, and for each of my kids to have. Again, many companies produce good, quality albums – one of my favorite is They offer several different styles of album – soft cover and hard cover. As well as options on the album cover – linen, an image wrap, etc. Also – they are always having a sale – so always look for a code!


The most important tip I can offer for digital images is to store them in several locations! Do not, I repeat, do not leave them on the flash drive and expect that they will be OK. Memory cards, iPhones, flash drives, CD’s, DVD’s, hard drives – all of these things can go bad and if this is the only place where you are storing your images, they may be lost forever. Don’t let this happen to you! I suggest storing images in three different places, one of which is an offsite storage (i.e cloud storage, Back Blaze, etc.)


I hope these tips were helpful! How do you store and organize  your images?



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