I’m going to keep this simple. Nothing earth-shattering. But maybe some things you’ve haven’t thought about before. Maybe some things to make your day just a touch better.

  1. Do reach out to a fellow mom/aunt/friend to tell them how much they mean to you or that you think they are doing a good job. I don’t think these holidays necessarily have to be for your own mother, or even only for mothers. This will make you feel great – I promise!
  2. Do create a new tradition with your family or continue one that you care about. Maybe you go out for brunch on Mother’s Day?? Maybe you like to sleep in all day long?? Whatever it is – do it up!!!
  3. Don’t host 30 people for a Mother’s Day breakfast in your home!!! Gurrrlll, that’s a lot of work!!! You get ONE DAY OUT OF THE YEAR!!! Use it wisely!
  4. Do try to take some time for yourself! Yes, we all want to spend time with our children and loved ones. And yes, do that too! But, take a little bit of time for yourself!
  5. Do consider a portrait of yourself with your children – or with your own mother! (Come on, what did you expect, this is a photography blog after all!!) Consider it a gift to yourself and your children.  (*Mother’s Day promo running until May 13th – includes hair and makeup for mom – $99 session fee – email shalimar@shalimarbphotography.com or call 773.230.5441 for details.)



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