I’d like to send Beyonce a big thank you note on behalf of the entire nation, maybe even the world. What an amazing break that was from the constant and seemingly endless barrage of politics, alternative facts and false news. Queen B knew exactly what we needed and she knew exactly how to deliver it. I think it’s safe to say that at least for a day, everyone was a part of the Bee Hive. I mean, absolutely everybody is talking about it!! Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune called me about an article they were writing about these photos – check it out here.

If you are planning on doing a maternity photo session – here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. I recommend doing the session around your 7th month – when you have a nice little bump but you’re still feeling good.
  2. Wear clothing (or not!) that shows off your bump! That’s the point of the session!
  3. Include family members if you want to – partners or older children.
  4. See if your photographer works with a professional hair/makeup artist to really glam up your session.
  5. Bring 2-3 outfit changes.
  6. Look for inspiration/ideas on Pinterest, but remember that your session should reflect you not be an imitation!
  7. Enjoy this session and this pre-baby time!!!

I’m already thinking about the photos of the twins and hope that Beyonce and Jay-Z choose to post those images as well!! I wonder if they will be traditional baby photos or can we expect something more over the top? I think we know the answer to that question!

So, readers, even if the photos weren’t to your liking, did you think it was nice to have a break from the current news?



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