By popular demand (and because I absolutely LOVE these sessions!) I am opening up a weekend of these fun, confidence-boosting sessions. Bring your daughter, bring your neice, bring your friend! These sessions are specifically for girls ages 10-12. Why that age you ask? Think about yourself when you were that age? Awkward much? I know I certainly was!! On the cusp of the teenage years and not really sure of myself.

These sessions are a game-changer!  It’s not just about the photos! Build confidence in your pre-teen before she starts her teenage years.  Imagine if you could see yourself as those who love you do – even if just for 5 minutes. I think that could be life changing. The goal of these sessions is for every girl to gain UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE. The photos are just the souvenir.

To learn more or secure your session, email us at or call 773.230.5441



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