I have been working on this project and I am so excited to finally show some images and talk about it!!! Do you remember what it was like to be 11 or 12? Kind of awkward, right? It was for me, anyway. And when I look at the (very) few photos that exist of me at that age – well, that’s just it, there are very few. Why is that? Why do the tween ages so often get forgotten? On one hand I get it, newborns are so tiny and well, new! Of course you want to take photos all day long! And babies are so cute and chubby! But, the ages of 10 – 12 can often fly under the radar and before you know it your baby is a teenager – complete with braces and eye rolls.

Enter – a photo project specifically for girls (for now) ages 10-12 that not only will let them see the beauty that others see in them, but also will help them have UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE as they enter their teen years. The response to these sessions has been so amazing! (And it’s not just the photos!!)

For more info, please email me at shalimar@shalimarbphotography.com or call 773.230.5441

And now, a few images from a couple of the sessions:



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