Let’s talk girl crushes for a minute. everyone has one.  Some have a crush on Gywneth, while others have one on Princess Kate. Currently mine are Brittany Howard, lead singer/guitarist of the Alabama Shakes and Noelle Scaggs, the co-lead singer/songwriter for the Fitz and the Tantrums. (see a theme here?) I think I may just add someone a little more local to my list. Enter – Chris Bell – owner of the store Flatts & Sharpe. Not only does Chris fit the criteria of uber cool rocker chick (raspy voice included) but she is also a really sweet and caring woman, who really cares about the community she lives and works in, and the people that come into her stores. My two boys have been taking classes at her Rogers Park store for nearly four years and one thing that strikes me about Chris is how she greets people that walk into her store. If she knows your name it’s a big “Hi, (insert name here)!” if she doesn’t, it’s “hey man!” – both are equally welcoming and enthusiastic and always with a great smile. Another thing I notice twice a year about Chris is while she’s on stage introducing the kids bands during their rock shows, she makes a point of saying something super awesome about every band and kid that gets on that stage. She exudes positivity and enthusiasm for music.

But, the best thing about Chris is that not only is she interesting, she is interested. In life, in the people around her, in the kids and adults that come into her store, in her community. How can you NOT have a crush on a girl like that??

So, if you are looking to learn to play an instrument, or learn to sing, or just get better at either of those things – then Flatts & Sharpe is the place you need to be!!! They just opened a second location in Norwood Park (first one is in Rogers Park.) They also sell all sorts of instruments, and music, and guitar straps!

*hair and makeup by Jackie Van Riet



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