what happens when it’s mid-december and you get a group of moms together for dinner?  eventually the conversation will make it’s way to the hustle and bustle of the season, the never-ending to-do lists, the holiday plans, the stress that it may be causing, etc, etc. and at least in my group of friends one of us will inevitability throw out the phrase “choose joy!” we actually say that quite a bit in my group of friends. (thanks to one friend in particular! who also is a loyal reader of this blog – hey girl!! love you! xoxo) anyway, it got me thinking last night that for many people, unfortunately, this season especially is a time when we do have to make a conscious effort to choose joy. but you know who doesn’t have to make that choice? kids! they just do it! they are for the most part joyful! ok, maybe not the kid throwing the tantrum in Target (ignore that kid!) but if you want a quick fix or a quick pick me up, look around and look for a kid and i bet you will be able to see someone who is experiencing some type of joy.


some examples of joy from recent holiday sessions:



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