if you’re anything like me, you have favorite blogs or sites where you go for inspiration.  inspiration for anything – for getting through your day, for a project, for how you dress, for how you live your life, etc. today i’m sharing my top 5 blogs that i check on a regular basis – not surprisingly, most feature photos that i like to gaze upon, but I like the articles too!

1. humans of new york – http://www.humansofnewyork.com/  if you’ve never heard of this – check it out immediately!  there is also a facebook page.  the story of the photographer is interesting but i like it for the photos he takes of random people and the answers to the questions he asks them.  it’s amazing what you can learn about someone if you just take the time to ask them.

2. the sartorialist – http://www.thesartorialist.com/ this blog is all about the photos. photos of beautiful people in beautiful clothes – sometimes not always beautiful, but always interesting.  scott schuman travels all over the world photographing people he sees.  cities that he frequents most are nyc, paris, florence, milan, tokyo, etc.  his photos are beautiful and i always love to see what people around the world are wearing.

3. elements of style – http://www.elementsofstyleblog.com/  – this site is more of a interior design blog but i love it for a few reasons – the author, erin gates, seems really down-to-earth and honest.  not only does she share beautiful home interior photos, ideas and “fashion friday” posts (which is my favorite!) she also shares really personal things about herself – which takes guts but is also very endearing.

4. pdn photo of the day – http://potd.pdnonline.com/ pdn (photo district news) is a professional publication for photographers.  this blog posts a photo of the day – usually it’s more than just one photo.

5. joe mcnally – http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/ joe is an amazing photographer who’s shot covers for time, newsweek, and fortune magazines (to name just a few!) he’s also a contributing photographer to national geographic and has shot for sports illustrated.  he’s won countless awards, published books, has many high profile clients, i could go on and on and on!  but he’s also a really, really nice guy.  a few years ago i attended a photography workshop where he was one of the instructors.  he was so approachable, humble and funny.  also, the way he approached his subjects, who were always complete strangers to him, was great to watch.  check out his blog and poke around his website too!

so that’s my top 5.  on the rare chance i have a few minutes to kill on the computer, these are my go-to blogs.  they inspire me.  they make me think about the world around me.  and, often, they keep me from unloading the dishwasher.

and because i can’t blog without a photo – here’s a few i took from the workshop with joe mcnally:

chicago photographer

shalimar b photography

shalimar beekman photography


what are some blogs you love to visit????

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