one of my dearest friends often says “choose joy”  when faced with life’s dramas and chaos.  when i hear her say it, or text it or facebook it, i always think about not only choosing joy, but also looking for it in my daily life.  i look for it in myself, my kids, friends and often people i don’t know.  kids playing in a park, kids getting picked up at school that are so excited to see the person picking them up, people greeting others at airports, and most often i look for it in the families i photograph. this session was one of the most perfect examples of seeing joy.  when mom put this little girl down to walk with her wagon – the look on her face was complete and utter joy!  she never tired of it.  every time she was put down to walk with it, she was so excited and would look at mom and dad as if to say “i can’t believe how lucky i am that i get to walk with this wagon – it’s the best thing ever!!!”  the look of joy on mom and dad while they watched their sweet little girl have so much fun was just as good.  the thing about joy is that it can’t be faked.  today, and every day look for joy.  choose joy.  (xo to you JO)


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