these families, these kids and their session.  these images give perfect examples of why i love to photograph babies and kids . . . kids aren’t afraid to look at the camera, honestly look at it with wonder and joy.  kids and babies aren’t afraid of pda (public displays of affections) – as you can see in the shot of the group – everybody is touching each other!!  babies and kids don’t care if they have dirty feet (ok, their moms might!). this session was focusing on the littlest of the bunch – the two redheads.  it’s always a pleasure and a privilege to spend time with these families!!!  xo


another example – you never can tell what kids are going to do.  it’s like she’s saying “hi!!  i’m a very cute baby from france!”

and yet another example.  you may look at this photo and see a boy sitting on a bench.  but if you look a little closer you’ll see he’s got some bumps and marks on his legs, and sure, i could photoshop those marks out.  but to me, this is part of the reason we document our kids.  i look at this photo and see a sweet baby boy who is a fairly new walker, so maybe he’s still bumping into things, or maybe he’s just a rough and tumble boy.  he’s touching his toes together, which may indicate a little shyness.  years from now it’s little things like that which will trigger a memory about when this photo was taken, what was going on.  at least i hope so.


  • September 24, 2012

    Being able to look at the memories is what it is about. Nice work!

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