Chicago Senior and Family Photographer

about shalimar b.

Family first, and second, and third

Family has always been huge for me (quite literally). My dad had 12 siblings. Many of them had 6 kids. So, I have about 50 first cousins and who knows how many 2nd cousins (or is it 1st cousins once removed?). We’d gather at my grandparents’ home every Sunday for dinner, sitting around the table with aunts and uncles, listening to stories about their childhood.

Now, with two kids of my own (one who is now a senior and leaving the nest!), everything has come full circle. 

For me, photos have always represented family and history. When I’ve lost someone close to me or even if I just miss someone, I turn to photos for comfort. 

Family is where we find that sense of belonging. In my family work, I capture that feeling of belonging and connection.

Patience makes perfect... and great pictures!

People ask how I get such great pictures of their tiny child tornadoes. The answer is … drunk people taught me first, then kids taught me the rest. Let me explain. 

When I started out I was working as a photographer for Chicago bands. At shows I was in a crowd of drunk 20-somethings all elbowing to be at the front of the stage. Through this mob I would watch and wait. I anticipated the lights as they cycled through the color and angle I wanted and all the moments through the chaos.

It’s all just waiting for moments. You know when you see it. But you have to be vigilant – knowing your camera, your settings, your fundamentals. And you have to act fast.

I learned how to observe in the mosh pit, now I put that experience into family photography. And I get to fall in love a little bit with each baby, kid and family that I photograph.

So, thank you families, and all the drunk concert-goers, for giving me this gift.

You honestly couldn't ask for a more patient and easy going photographer to capture the essence of your children and your family. Shalimar has taken photos of my family for years, I would never want to go elsewhere.
~ Katie