about shalimar b.

if raising two teens taught me anything it’s that every kid breaks the mold.

Every mom likes to believe her kid is special – turns out, she’s right! And since every kid is different, it would make sense that every photo session should be customized to fit each person, right? At least that’s how I see it. 

My boys definitely fell into this complete opposites category. Even when it came time for their senior photos. And while what they wanted for their respective senior photo sessions was different, how I approached them was the same. I listened. In a judgement-free way, I listened to what THEY wanted for their senior photos. 

And that’s what I do for every senior that comes through my door. 

drunk people taught me first

There’s nothing you can throw at me that I can’t run with. I got my start shooting bands around Chicago, after all. There I was, in a crowd of drunk 20-somethings, elbowing to be at the front of the stage. My job was to be in the photo pit…to watch and wait…anticipating the lights as they cycled through the colors…spot the angles I wanted. Find the moments through the chaos.

Patience makes perfect…and great photos. I can’t wait to capture those totally real moments for you.


We had such a wonderful experience with Shalimar. It started as a question about whether my shy senior was the right fit for senior portraits. She asked some simple questions that led us to pass on that and instead embrace some very casual photos of the family at home. She rolled with it when we let the kids wear whatever they wanted...she's a kid/teen whisperer and gets the best casual smiles out of them.
~ Georgia